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Wherever we lay our hats…

...or where we slept in California. One of the things that we noticed quite early on during our last trip was how quickly our room in whatever hostel/hotel/guesthouse we were staying in began to feel like home (we never quite felt the same about dorm beds however). We’d arrive in the room -  generally feeling […]

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The pressure…

So while John was busy being too busy with actual important stuff to work on the new blog I could feel safe in the knowledge that when it was finished I’d be able to write witty, pithy posts on our travel adventures to the delight and delectation of all our friends but, and this is […]

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The first steps on a long journey

So after 4 days of luxury living in San Francisco we have started on what feels like the journey for real. We stayed in a very comfortable little motel on the edge of the Presidio and toured round our favourite haunts. It was great to be in a place that felt like a second home […]

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New trip – new blog

Its been a long time. We’re off on another trip on the 20th July 2009 and this time we’re planning to a better job of blogging it. So first thing will be a brand new blog at Of course it still has to be built but I’m hoping to get it finished by the […]

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