Bienvenido a Buenos Aires

We arrived in Buenos Aires in the middle of a thunderstorm but being the hardcore travelers cheapskates that we are this didn’t put a dampener on our plans to forgo the taxi and take the subte to San Telmo. Shouldn’t be a problem we thought, it’s not rush hour and anyway we’re Londoners – what could possibly go wrong? Actually nothing, not on the subte anyway; it was a bit crowded, I felt bad for taking up so much space with my luggage (I don’t have that much, honest) but otherwise all was good. It was the 8 blocks in the pouring rain that did me in. For future reference Cate + backpack + pouring rain + slimy pavement = accident waiting to happen. One moment I was striding along like an amazon with an umbrella, the next I was on my back like an upturned beetle feeling just a little embarrassed. And quite wet. And with a painful ankle. Did I mention the feeling embarrassed? Good, just wanted to make sure.

As a result our first 48 hours in Buenos Aires haven’t quite been the action packed thrill a minute one might imagine. There’s been a great deal of sitting with said ankle elevated above my heart, eating empanadas and alfajores and drinking malbec, but very little adventuring. I have, however, managed to hobble around San Telmo once or twice and have discovered my new favourite local bistro, Origen, and made friends with the guys in the local bakery and supermarket so it hasn’t been a total washout.

No adventuring means no newly taken photos of Buenos Aires to share but seeing as we’ve been so tardy with filling you in on our adventures thus far I shall leave you with a few thoughts/pictures from Mexico.

We adored Mexico. Our first few days were spent exploring Mexico City, which was a far more interesting, walkable and friendly place than we’d been led to believe (particularly after talking to immigration officials in San Francisco who’d almost had us afearing for our lives). This article by Christine Delsol puts it far more eloquently than I ever could but suffice to say we loved it so much that we went back twice in the time we were in Mexico and would do so again in a heartbeat. These are some of the reasons why…

Catedral Metropolitana, D.F. Palace of Fine Arts

Aztec dancers perform in the Zócalo Museo Frida Kahlo, La Casa Azul, D.F.

La vendedora de frutas, Olga Costa in the Museo De Arte Moderno, D.F Detail from

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  1. chaletgirl
    Posted Thursday, 17 June 2010 at 8:44 am | Permalink

    Oh crikey! Hope you’re okay!

    No tango for you then. At least you are there for a month, so hopefully there is lots of time left for adventuring.

    I’ll read the linked article when I get a moment.

    So far so good on the blogging front!

    • Cate
      Posted Friday, 18 June 2010 at 3:08 am | Permalink

      No tango but a great excuse for all day football watching so I’m happy…