What a wonderful way to start the day. 4 times in 90 minutes our apartment building rang with the sound of our neighbours celebrating the successes of their national football team. Our apartment owner had warned us not to expect any service, well, pretty much anywhere, while Argentina were playing and this was emphasised by scenes of virtually empty intersections on the morning news. Not that this was a problem; there is little I like more than starting the day with a great cup of coffee and an exhibition of attacking flair.

And then, then I got to spend the afternoon watching Mexico beating France for the first time ever, with yummy lunch at Origen and a stupid sending off in-between. What a day full of win!

Speaking of the football, which I have to admit I’ve spent a lot of time doing over the past few days (offline at least). It seems as if our fridge has been feeling a little left out and has decided to join in by turning into a vuvuzela.  We were awoken at around 5am by a ridiculously loud buzzing noise coming from somewhere in the apartment, a noise which my sleep addled brain initially attributed to said vuvuzela and then to the flying beetle that had committed hari-kiri by flying into the fan in our room in Varkala.  Being the intrepid traveler that I am I stayed warm and cozy under the covers whilst John set out to investigate. Pinpointing the sound as coming from the kitchen, John ventured down the spiral staircase to encounter the 1950’s fridge doing a fair impersonation of a South African football crowd.  At some point during the night, undoubtedly fed up of being unable to see the TV and thus watch Argentina play, it had decided to stop working and was buzzing loudly in indignation.  Cue frantic mopping up of defrosting icebox and ritual unplugging of disgraced fridge before returning to blissful slumber.  Luckily the fridge seems to have seen the error of its ways (a word or two from John can have that effect, or so I’m told) and is currently humming quietly away to itself. Long may it continue.

When a fridge is this cute you can forgive it almost anything

Vuvuzela impersonating fridge

Aforementioned beetle a few hours before its sad demise

Suicidal Beetle, Varkala

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