So that’s what Fernet tastes like…

One of the nice things about renting an apartment and sticking around for a while is the chance to pretend you’re a local. We have a regular cafe for lunch, a local bakery where we buy empanadas and brownies filled with dulce de leche, and a daily conversation with the veg guy in the local supermarket.

One of the even nicer things about renting an apartment was getting to go and watch the Argentina Mexico match in the home of friends/business partners of the woman who owns it. Gonzalo and Natalia were gracious enough to welcome us into their home, feed us, ply us with wine and then once the match was over (and I was totally in awe of the passion with which they and their other guests supported the national team) introduce us to Fernet.  A bitter, aromatic spirit, Fernet is considered to be the national drink of Argentina and is certainly an acquired taste.  Most commonly mixed with Coca-Cola it has a somewhat medicinal flavour, a little like mouthwash or cough mixture.  As a drink it is decidedly odd…I’m glad we tried it but I’m not entirely sure I’ll be drinking it again.

On the way home after the match we stopped at El Obelisco to marvel at the on-going celebrations.  The cheering, flag waving, horn honking and general revelry more than two hours after the end of the game would have put you in mind of a country that had won the world cup rather than merely made it to the quarter finals (I say merely – if only the England team had managed such a mere feat!).

If I was more practised at this blogging lark I’d have some amazing photos of flag waving, face painted Porteños to insert here but I’m not, so I don’t.  Once Argentina have beaten Germany  I’ll have something to show you.  Until then here’s a gratuitous shot of baked goods…

They call this a brownie - I call it amazing.

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