Its ok to stay put

We’ve been in Varkala for a few weeks now, finally accepting that its ok to stay put and do little. We’re into a regular routine of brunches, reading books, on the Internet and swimming.

So now an issue has come up. It means we really should head home early and sort things out before the next leg of the trip. It’s funny how comfortable we are with it. It feels like the wheels have come off the trip, but we are happy to let it happen. I guess on an 18 month trip you can’t do the same thing, at a constant momentum, the whole time. That would drive you nuts.

So we need to rearrange things and we suddenly no longer want to visit places, just stay here until we fly home. And it doesn’t feel wrong – Its a good thing.

- a Momento from 13 Feb 2010

The Hungary Eye on Varkala cliff

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