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North to Salta

After six weeks in our Buenos Aires apartment it was a case of stay there forever or move on up the trail. We were itching to get on the move but also very sad to be leaving what had become our home (actually the nearest we’ve to a home for over a year). We’d got […]

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So that’s what Fernet tastes like…

One of the nice things about renting an apartment and sticking around for a while is the chance to pretend you’re a local. We have a regular cafe for lunch, a local bakery where we buy empanadas and brownies filled with dulce de leche, and a daily conversation with the veg guy in the local […]

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Día de la Bandera Nacional

I love a public holiday.  Even when I’m travelling and the concept of a day off has little meaning I like the idea of other people having one and celebrating or commemorating something.  I like looking up the reasons behind the holiday on Wikipedia – or even asking the locals when I understand enough of […]

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Old friends in new places

One of the things I love best about traveling is meeting new people. Whether it’s the 45 minute conversation with people whose names you never learn (like the Canadian woman we met in Sucre, Bolivia who had spent a month learning to weave in Ardara, the small town in the Northwest of Ireland near where […]

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What a wonderful way to start the day. 4 times in 90 minutes our apartment building rang with the sound of our neighbours celebrating the successes of their national football team. Our apartment owner had warned us not to expect any service, well, pretty much anywhere, while Argentina were playing and this was emphasised by […]

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Bienvenido a Buenos Aires

We arrived in Buenos Aires in the middle of a thunderstorm but being the hardcore travelers cheapskates that we are this didn’t put a dampener on our plans to forgo the taxi and take the subte to San Telmo. Shouldn’t be a problem we thought, it’s not rush hour and anyway we’re Londoners – what […]

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